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This is Where Your Journey Begins

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A Wise Woman Once Said: Fuck This Shit And Lived Happily Ever After

Let no voice but your own speak to you from the depths.  
Let no influence but your own raise you in time of peace and time of war.  
Hear all, but attend only that which concerns you.

The Right Excellent Marcus Garvey ONH





Every day we have the opportunity to Start Over. Sometimes you need to hit that refresh button. When you feel stuck in a rut or feeling trapped. 

As your Integrated Therapist, I have the privilege of weaving together a tapestry of wisdom from various spiritual traditions and therapeutic practices. 

Together, we'll explore and harness this wellspring of wisdom, helping you navigate even the most troubled times with grace and purpose.

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Aroma Incense

You're So Much More Than Your Conditioning.

I'm Lavinia, 
Your Integrated Hypnotherapist, &
Therapeutic Counsellor & 

The Art of Starting Over is about you. 

That luggage that you carry, you know those bags, that are stopping you from speaking your truth and living each day how you want, it's time to put them down.  

I am deeply committed to creating a non-judgmental and compassionate environment where you feel seen, heard, and supported throughout your healing journey.


Together, we will embark on a transformative path that honours your individuality and celebrates your innate capacity for self-healing and personal growth.


Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, inter-generational trauma, or simply looking to gain greater self-awareness, I am here to help.

Let's Work Together.

Healing is different for every… body… for different bodies.

I firmly believe that every individual, on their unique spiritual journey, possesses the innate capacity for profound healing and personal growth.​ This is where a Transpersonal Approach steps in.

You are more than just your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I acknowledge the presence of a deeper, spiritual dimension within you

​Imagine a therapy that goes beyond surface-level concerns, inviting you to explore your higher self, your profound connection to the universe, and your unique spiritual journey.

Traditional Hypnotherapy may be suited to you for stress and anxiety, Inner Wisdom Work might be best for ancestral healing, or BWRT® might be your route for breaking cycles. Your system may be suited to Narrative Untangling to find route cause. Talk Therapy could be what’s needed to ease Emotional Distress.  Either way, together we’ll find the right medicine for you.

Inner Wisdom Work

Also known as Quantum Journeys Hypnosis, Inner Wisdom Work helps you gain a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and how to use it to overcome a wide range of issues. 


With Whole Consciousness Hypnotherapy you can visit your Hallway of Answers, meet spirit guides, communicate with your own inner healer, design and orchestrate Quantum Jumps and maybe even visit the Temple of Healing, while in a beautiful deep state of trance.

Integrated Hypnotherapy

Our sessions go beyond the surface, delving into the core of your subconscious mind to unearth the root causes of your challenges.


Through the gentle power of hypnosis, combined with specialized modalities, we work together to rewire patterns, release limiting beliefs, and together, we'll forge a path towards lasting emotional well-being and a life free from the constraints of anxiety.

Narrative Healing Sessions

My approach goes beyond conventional talk therapy. With guidance and a supportive environment, I facilitate the uncovering of hidden narratives, beliefs, and patterns that may be holding you back.


This is more than just conversations; it's a purposeful process of understanding, healing, and empowerment.


From Their Lips To Your Ears

"I had BWRT with Lavinia to help with a traumatic memory that was still impacting negatively on my life and relationships. Because of the emotion attached to this memory, I really struggled to think about it so would have found talk therapy too difficult.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to Lavinia she was so amazing, made me feel really reassured that I won’t need to talk about this experience in detail or think about it for long. The session was only 30 minutes and since that day I have been able to think about what happened without having that same emotional response. I can feel calm and can now work through what happened in a way that helps me heal rather than stay in a debilitating emotional cycle. Thank you again it truly has changed my life ”

"What can I say - the world is just that much brighter, better and truly beautiful.

Even the most mundane things bring me joy!! I no longer have the grey cloud following me and casting shade on everything I do or experience..

I had no idea that it wasn’t normal to overthink everything all the time, and now that I don’t, I’m in awe that the majority of the world have had this all the time!!! And I’m only just discovering it now.. all I can say it’s never too late to change anything!!

I can now truly say things like i love my life, love my partner, love my job, am content with life…and even when things aren’t going well, I’m still able to experience joy in most things. A life changing experience  and now it feels like a life truly with living.

I would wholeheartedly  recommend BWRT and Lavinia if you have issues that you’re trying to resolve.. no matter how big or small, BWRT is the way to go!!"

"I've had the privilege of working closely with Lavinia for 5-years. In addition to working with me on numerous projects, she has coached me through crucial turning points in my life.

Lavinia is exceptionally gifted and skilled in her craft. I always appreciate how calm and welcoming she is.

With Lavinia, you can relax, have a cup of tea and have an honest conversation trusting that you'll be heard. She is a great listener and always provides thoughtful feedback. Lavinia brings a high degree of authenticity and integrity to her work. As a professional coach, it's been a blessing to work with another therapist who truly gets it. Quite frankly, I don't' know what I would do without her!""

"Having tried various methods over the years (self help books, meditation, hypnosis, CBT, counselling, specialised group sessions), nothing has worked as quickly and effectively as BWRT.

Having spent decades trying to rid myself of my self imposed feelings of responsibility and guilt (decades of growing up with an alcoholic parent), after one session of BWRT the majority of those feelings have disappeared, but what was surprising was the difference in other areas of my life which changed as a result. You never quite realise, it may be one thing, but that one thing has a bearing on so many other aspects of your life.

I'm now living fully in the moment and my destructive automatic thought process no longer exists and I will be forever grateful to Lavinia for helping me."

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